Frequently asked Questions?

What do you do? What kind of applications you can create ?

We are a software development company, which helps full time traders develop web applications with their own brand name. We can cater to most of your requirements, however here are few examples for your understanding:-

a) The strategies which you trade manually can be traded automatically in your trading account using API

b) The signals can be read on a whatsapp / Telegram and trades can be executed.

What do I need to partner with you?

You must understand Indian markets very well and have good trading strategies through which you and your subscribers have been able to make consistent profits. ยง

What will be the steps involved?

You have to just buy a DOMAIN name for website and then, development of an integrated website and web application will be done by our team.

How much time it takes for development of application? Usually it takes 8-10 days, depending upon your requirement.

What will be the pricing?

We don't charge money upfront and start charging post 30 days on monthly basis, pricing depends on kind of application and complexities involved, usually you can consider it to be INR 1000/user/month.

How will my strategies remain confidential?

You dont need to share your strategies with us, you can simply develop the strategies on Tradingview and generate signals, our application will help in the integration.

Is algorithmic trading legal in India?

We provide software development services and the users who trade using algorithms do take APIs from there brokers, hence they fully understand the risks and complexities involved.